My Greatest Joy

I try to find joy in all things. I haven’t always been this way… but now that I am a little older and wiser, I really aspire to see and appreciate the small things in life that add so much joy.

My daughter, however, adds great joy to me. In her smallest of ways– she adds more to me than anyone else ever has or could ever. I love her encouraging words. She always has something profound and loving to say to me, or anyone else for that matter. I love to watch her little hands work. The way she holds her pencil… you don’t even need to see her face, you can feel the concentration and perseverance in those little hands wanting to make the perfect “s,” or whatever letter she is wanting to perfect that day. I love the way her hair catches light and you can see all the shimmers from the heavens above. I love even the way she cries. The way her face stays red for hours– making me want to baby her until those marks all fade away.

She is my greatest joy. My greatest accomplishment. It is amazing how being a mother can change a person. How the world shakes with all it’s might the day they are born, but you are the only one that feels it. How as a mother, you now can say you will do anything for this little person and no one would question it. The way you sit and cry tears of happiness because you cannot believe she/he is all yours. I love being a mother. I am thankful that God has blessed me with this tremendously amazing human being.


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