While at the Happiest Place on Earth…

… She had to see Abraham Lincoln.

We just got back from four fun-filled days at Disneyland and California Adventures. It was hands down the best trip that we have taken thus far. We have gone every year since B was one but this trip was just beyond anything that I could have hoped for.

We arrived at the Disneyland Hotel on a Sunday evening. Laid about for a while and ordered room service. It was B’s first time so she was super excited about it. We cuddled and watched the fireworks from our window that night. We fell asleep with so much anticipation for the fun ahead. We were also just hoping to feel better because we arrived with colds. Thankfully, we were much better the next day. Then four magical days flew by.

But what was really incredible to me was that on the last day at Disneyland, B really wanted to see Abraham Lincoln. She held that map of Disneyland and pointed to it and declared that we have to see Abraham Lincoln before we leave. I lived in Anaheim for a number of years growing up and we went to Disneyland quite a bit and I never was interested in this particular attraction but B sure was. So we went.

The attraction is called Great Moments with Abraham Lincoln. With technology and artistry– Abraham Lincoln comes to life and delivers excerpts from his most famous speeches. It was inspiring. I looked over at B… expecting to see her antsy to leave but instead she was completely still, wide eyed with joined hands in her lap.

We left the theater to find famous paintings like The Burden of War by John DeCuir Sr. and a huge replica of the Nation’s Capital. B loved everything about that room. She stared at the paintings and thought the Nation’s Capital was “pretty cool.” She asked to have her picture taken by Abraham’s Lincoln bust. She posed and we snapped a pic. There was a bench there that seemed very old and she wanted to know if he sat there because she wanted to sit where he sat. I told her I doubt it but she sat there and asked me to take a picture anyways. So we did. As we left I thought that she was on that ‘Disney high’ and maybe that’s why she was so excited about Abraham Lincoln. I was wrong. Later that night she said…

“First I was obsessed with dinosaurs, then volcanoes, and now Abraham Lincoln.”

Then it clicked.

The week prior, in American History, we talked about Abraham Lincoln. We had a really long discussion about slavery and what Abraham Lincoln had done for our country. In class, her eyes welled up with tears because she could just not grasp why anyone would believe slavery was right. She couldn’t grasp the evil that is racism. She is only five but she is very inquisitive. I feel as though she feels more deeply and with more compassion than most adults I know. So naturally, the girl who loves superheroes, strong women, and people who fight for what is right would be obsessed with Abraham Lincoln.

I am really proud of this little human being that is growing before my eyes. Along with the privilege of being her mommy, I get a front row seat to watch her become someone that will impact people someday. It also feels pretty good as a homeschooler to see her interest about what we learn in the classroom surpass these four walls into her world everyday.

B with Abe's bust. We opted to leave the huge camera at home so picture isn't the best quality.

B with Abe’s bust. We opted to leave the huge camera at home so picture isn’t the best quality.


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