What is your story???….

Today was a great great day! What a wonderful Easter. It was full of church, lots of laughs, cat naps, food, jumping castles, water slides, candy, some more food, and games. I always love Easter. I always feel so blessed. My heart and spirit always feel renewed ❤

Miss. B had a wonderful day too. She isn’t the easiest kid to wake up but as soon as I mentioned something about an “Easter basket” she was UP! She ran down the stairs and found her basket of little treasures and she was elated. She rummaged through her basket and packed up some of her goodies for church.

After church we went to my parent’s house and basically was there the entire day. B was non-stop! Running from the water slide to the bounce house.. from the bounce house to the water slide… for hours. When we left my parent’s house and headed home, she was so silent in the backseat that I figured she was practically asleep.


We sat around for a bit because it was nice to just, sit. We sat. We recapped the day. Talked about how much fun today was and what our plans are for the week.

Then out of no where B says this:

“What is your story?”

The hubs asked her what she meant…

“What is your story?… Like how did you and Mommy meet?… What is your love story, Daddy?”

I looked at the clock and it was already thirty minutes past her bedtime. I looked at Chris as to ask if he is going to tell her. He said, “I will tell you…”

She flashed a big smile and scooted around in her chair to get comfortable.

Our Love Story

In May of 2006, I moved to Phoenix from Tucson. I started working at a bank. I didn’t know anyone. Literally– I knew no one. I was quiet and a little reserved so basically– I wasn’t the most approachable person in the world. Truth be told: I battle with a serious case of “resting (you know what) face.” I have gotten better in recent years but I just want to set the stage… So you can picture a really not outwardly friendly looking person. That was me.

Chris, meanwhile, was a trainer for new employees. He was always professional and smiling. He was training the morning shift and I was in the evening shift. There was a few hours in the day that our two classes would mix. This is when I first met him:

We were logging into our computers and testing out our ID’s when, according to him, he noticed me. He said that he especially liked my hair (I did have pretty cool hair then) and decided to find some excuse to talk to me so he asked me to try out my credentials on this particular computer. I had never met this person– but he was a trainer– so I just rolled with it. Didn’t think anything of it. Obviously I didn’t because the next thing to come out of my big stupid mouth was “I can tell I don’t like someone just by looking at them.”

A few weeks passed by and we didn’t speak again. In those few weeks, women were talking about Chris and his brother (he worked there too.) Always discussing about who was hotter, which one was available, if they are seeing anyone. They were basically the work “gossip.” I was young and super prideful so when women tried to get me involved in their conversations about them I had no comment. At first I was super annoyed by how all the women wouldn’t just shut up about these two brothers. Then, I remember one day watching Chris run back and forth between employees– helping them and answering all their questions all with a really big smile. He hustled. He seemed to have a really good work ethic and a sweet disposition. I was intrigued (plus, it’s not like his super good looks didn’t help).

Chris didn’t usually work weekends (I did)… But one Saturday he came to work dressed down versus the business attire I was used to seeing him wear. Man oh man– did he look HOT! Then the big “ice breaker” opportunity happened…

I was walking down the aisle and this guy that crushed on me called me over to his desk (which happened to be by the desk Chris was sitting at, at the time)… The guy had Chris’ sunglasses on and asked me…


I used to be really forward and just plain rude at times. It usually got me in trouble but this time it worked in my favor.

Guy: “Do you like the way these glasses look on me?”

(I knew they were Chris’. I had seen them on him. I remembered because I was like ‘Damn, he’s hot’ in the inside when I had seen him wearing them earlier)

Me: “Not really, I like the way they looked on him better.” … Then I pointed to Chris.

The ice was officially broken. I had just put out there, that I was into him!


Over the next few weeks we would smile at each other in passing but I was really just waiting for him to make his next move.

A few weeks later he was passing by me on his way to lunch and he randomly asked me if I wanted anything for lunch. I didn’t really want anything but I wanted to say yes so I asked him to get me this particular pastry.

He did.

I just so happened to have brought fresh baked cookies in that day for my co-workers and I asked him if he wanted one.

Chris: “Save me one. Bring it to me later.”

I did save one for him. He explained to B tonight his reasoning for doing that.

Chris: “I asked Mommy to save me a cookie because if she did, I knew she was thinking about  me and wanted to save me one so that meant she possibly had a crush on me.”

(B loved this by the way. She giggled and told her Daddy that that was such a smart thing to do.)

Did I save him the very last cookie? Yes. I brought it to him. He was super chill and professional and thanked me.

I sat down at my desk a few minutes later and he instant messaged me. It went a little something like this:

Chris: Thank you for the cookie. 

Me: You’re welcome. Did you like it?

Chris: Yes. It was really good. Do you know how to cook or bake other things?

Me: Yes. I love to cook and bake. 

Chris: Do you know how to cook enchiladas? (That is his all time favorite food)

Me: Yes.

Chris: I will make you a deal. 

Me: OK…

Chris: Make me enchiladas and bring them and then I will take you out to dinner to thank you. 

Me: Haha. Okay. I can do that!

Chris: Here is my number xxx-xxx-xxxx. 

Me: Here is mine. I won’t call/text you first xxx-xxx-xxxx. 

Chris: Cool. Thank you again. 

Me: You’re welcome. 

It was over work instant messenger so it was super PG but obviously we were into each other.

We left work at the same time a few minutes later and I broke my stupid rule (and I am so glad I did)… I sent him a text first asking if he was stuck in traffic too. I can tell you right now I didn’t care about the traffic LOL. We started sending texts back and forth the rest of the day until he finally just asked if I wanted to just go out with him that night.

Internally I was like YES!!! but I probably replied with something super cool like… Sure or If you want to. 

We met at the movies. We watched Clerks II. We laughed sooooo hard. My belly ached from laughing so hard. It was the best movie to watch with him… there was no awkwardness like there maybe would have been with a scary movie or some rom-com. We just enjoyed the movie and each other’s company.

It was already past 11 pm when the movie got out but he told B and I tonight that he didn’t want the date to end so even though we both weren’t hungry we went to T.G.I Friday’s so we didn’t have to say good-bye. While we were there his friends kept texting and calling– wanting him to go out. He told B…

Chris: “I didn’t want to. I just wanted to keep hanging out with Mommy. So I told my friends no, that I wasn’t going to go.”

We left the restaurant at 1 am. He was a perfect gentleman. Walked me to my car. Hugged me. Thanked me for coming. Opened my car door and said good-bye.

The first thing the next morning: He texted me and asked me to spend the day with him.

I did.

The rest is history.

We dated for another month and a half. He proposed to me. We got married five months later. We have been together for nine years now. It has been the most tremendous nine years of my life. I have been blessed enough to wake up to his handsome face for the last eight years (it will be 9 in December).

I added a little something for B tonight to finish the story:

Me: “The very first thing Daddy did was text me when he got up. Every morning since then I have been the first thing on Daddy’s mind because he will say ‘good morning beautiful, squeeze me tight, or let me sleep a little longer and send me a text telling me he loves me.’ Now that you are here, we are both the first thought that comes to his mind.”

Chris: “It’s true. I really do live for you girls. My happiness comes from making you two happy. I will do anything for you two.”

That is our story.

Miss B. really enjoyed it and said, “I really like your guys’ story.” I found such joy in watching her laugh and smile while he was telling her “our story.” She really was into it. It makes me proud of the love story that we have. It makes me proud of every decision that we have made because it led us to being this family of three that I am just beyond blessed with.

Thank you for reading!

Happy Easter xo

Chris and I in 2006. Just a few days before he proposed. So young! I grateful my MIL captured all these moments!

Chris and I in 2006. Just a few days before he proposed. We were so young! I am grateful my MIL captured all these moments!


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