Teflon. Bleach. Advice. Oh My!

I recently came across an article about how bad Teflon on cookware is so bad for your health. I was concerned. I did some more research and then three hours later at 1 in the morning I decided that I had to rid my house of all things Teflon (PTFE) and anything with PFOA in it. I showed Chris the research and he agreed. The next morning it was gone. Chances are that nothing was wrong with my cookware that had Teflon. More than likely, I could have kept it and it would have been just fine, but this is how I am– I am crazy… I know.

Any who…

My next step was to find some new cookware. I am so crazy that I got rid of everything before I actually bought anything new. As much as I would have loved to eat at our fave Thai place every day in the meantime– it just wasn’t realistic. So I got back on my crazy train… did some research…  and then did some more research… and then finally settled on some new awesome pieces. I am all about monochromatic white in my kitchen so I was pretty stoked to find some enameled cast iron pieces in white.

Back on the crazy train… I started researching how to care for my new cookware. There are some people that do not like cast iron and there are some cast iron swear byers that wouldn’t use anything else. I started reading how so and so has this piece passed down from fifty years ago and that I can give it all to my daughter in twenty years and etc.

It got me thinking… 

In twenty years, will I give my old cookware to my daughter?  Then it lead to be asking myself if in twenty years will she even care what I have to say or even listen to even the smallest piece of advice like how cast iron is awesome?

I started thinking about my mom. About how the advice she has given me throughout my lifetime has become apart of who I am and I hope that B might take and apply the same from me as I have from my mom.

I wanted to share with you some simple advice that my mama has given to be over the years that are relevant to my every day…

1. Bleach

Just like Windex was the answer to everything that ailed the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding… Bleach is my mom’s Windex. I have gotten rid of all chemicals in my house recently and switched to all-natural cleaners but I cannot rid my home of bleach. After I cut up chicken– I need bleach to kill the salmonella that is probably not breeding in my sink and on  my counter tops.

2. Never Cross Contaminate

This one is obvious and pretty standard but the degree in which I go to to ensure that nothing ever touches another is insane. I cut my chicken on a cutting board that is specific for meat only and then cut my veggies/fruits on an entirely different counter top on a cutting board specifically designated for veggies/fruits.

3. Coupons

I am getting better at this. My mom has always been so awesome at saving money. She always clips coupons and shops sales. She can do a lot with a little and it is pretty awesome. I am trying really hard to be better. She actually clips the coupons for me. Haha. I just have to try hard to remember to use them.

4. Cook For Your Family

One of the many ways that my mama shows love is by feeding the ones that she loves. She has always expressed to me how important it is to cook for my family. I hold this advice really close to my heart because sitting around the table with a good meal and great company is one of the best feelings.

5. Pray

Prayer is the answer for everything when it comes to my mom. It inspires me to worry less and pray more.

6. Just Clean the Kitchen Before Bed

I love a clean kitchen. I just hate cleaning it after cooking for what feels like an eternity. I do clean the kitchen after we eat at night and I’ll tell you what… as much as I don’t like it, it is better than waking up to a dirty kitchen. That is just the worst.

7. Always Tell The Ones You Love That You Love Them

My mom will not say good-bye without a hug and an I love you. I realized a few years ago when I had B that I was the same way. I absolutely cannot leave without telling whomever is around me that I love them. You just never know.

8. Ibuprofen, Hand Sanitizer, Water, and Tissues. 

The basic essentials for your purse because you just never know.

9. Be Safe. Be Aware. 

My mom is super big on safety. Her safety speeches have impacted me so much so that this is my routine going into a store and leaving one: Park as close as possible (preferably under a light). Don’t park next to vans. Don’t lollygag in your car. Lock it. Look around you as you walk to store. Before leaving the store, have your keys in your hand. Look around you. Have your phone out but don’t stare at it as you walk. Unlock your car. Lock it as soon as you get in. You are alive. Yay!

(See… crazy. I know.)

10. Family Comes First

Need I say more?


There is much more profound advice that I hold close to my heart but these are the bits of advice that go with a lighthearted post about me and my crazy train.

I really hope that B can laugh at all the OCD tendencies her mama has/had and that she can apply some of them to make her laugh or to be of some help in the future because I doubt she will inherit my cast iron cookware but I hope she inherits just a smidge of the crazy. It keeps things interesting!


Curious about what cookware I went with?

Here you go 🙂

 Le Creuset Stock Pot in Caribbean. I went rogue. I needed one punch of color.

West Elm Dutch Oven 

 West Elm Saute Pan (On sale!)

 West Elm Skillet (On sale!)

West Elm Grill Pan (On sale!)

 Lodge Large Skillet 

Lodge Wok

Michael Graves Sauce Pot (On Sale!)

I bought a few silicon utensils from World Market and West Elm as well.

Aren’t they pretty? I love the clean white look. I don’t know how long that will last though. Maybe I will have to apply my mom’s advice about bleach to keep them pristine. LOL.

Do you have any advice that you apply to your every day from a parent or family member?

Thanks for reading xo


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