Monkey See. Monkey Do.

If you are a parent– you know this to be true. Almost everything you do is mimicked by your little (or big) one. There are the obvious things that your child may have picked up from you like language usage, characteristics, habits, or even facial expressions. Have you thought about the not-so obvious things that your child will emulate? I have. It scares the crap (ya- I said crap. so poetic, eh?) out of me.

My kid is almost exactly like my husband and I… But better. She is kinder, more positive, more considerate, and more of all the good things I aspire to be but fall short of on the daily.

I have been noticing more recently her desire to be more like mommy. While I should be flattered; it is not necessarily a good thing.

You see…

I fear almost everything. I have a long list of irrational and bizarre fears that inhibit me from being the adventurous care-free person I know I can be. I am working on it. It is a slow process– but I definitely feel the pressure to step on the gas on this one because B is growing so fast and I don’t want her to be like me in this aspect. I want her to be more fearless, take more risks, and enjoy things without constantly worrying about the “what-ifs.”

Her eyes are forever watching me. Ever observant. Looking to see how I react. Watching my face to check for a wince or a snarl. That kid, I tell you, she is like Nancy Drew. Always asking so many questions, wanting to understand everything… she is one inquiring mind. I love her for it, but the pressure is on. I need to not fear every.single.thing. I need to be better. I will be better.

I will take chances.

I will take risks (within reason of course).

I will put myself out there.

I will try new things.

I want her to grow up to view me as an inspiration and not as a reason why she didn’t accomplish something.

My little monkey will see Mommy being brave and she will too.

My little monkey will see Mommy take risks and she will too.

My little monkey will see Mommy crush her goals and she will too.

My little monkey will see an example of what a healthy relationship is and have one too.

My little monkey will see Mommy fall but never give up and she will too.

My little monkey will see Mommy overcome and she will too.


Here’s an example of B doing what Mommy does. I love to plan and she just had to have a planner of her own too. My five year old is a total planner addict now and loves to write down all her play dates, performances, and anything else that happens in her life– all adorned with tons and tons of stickers. Between the both of us we do have a pretty gnarly pen collection. Maybe my organizational skills are good for her to copy 🙂

Thanks for reading xo


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