Anything You Can Do… I Can Do Better…

I kid, I kid. This is totally false.

But if I do end up doing something awesome, it is because I have access to the world wide web and some brilliant mind created something awesome and put it on said world wide web and it inspired me. Isn’t this true for most people though? In the age of the almighty Pinterest, it is very easy to find inspiration.

How do I re-purpose this ugly old dresser?

BAM!– Pin a 1001 pins on how to at 1:00 AM.

How do I make this plain ol’ Ikea furniture into something that looks like I dropped some big money on?

BAM!– Pin a 1001 pins on how to at 2:00 AM.

How do I get my kid(s) to eat their veggies?

BAM!– Pin a 1001 pins on how to at 3:00 AM.

I love Pinterest.

What I do not love is this:

People that do not give credit where credit is due. 

There are some hard-working, brilliant, and creative people that are kind enough to take the time to give us step-by-step directions on how to re-purpose that ugly dresser, hack that Ikea furniture, and hide those veggies in your kid’s dinner. I value all those creative minds because I am not one. I am not artistic. I cannot paint. I cannot even hang a painting straight.  I lack the motivation to sand a dresser for fifty hours and to stain if for another fifty.

Pinterest is a great resource but it is not a soap box for you one-uppers out there. I bet you that you were inspired. I bet that you took a gander at Pinterest and found some influences. Most of us do it. We are a big melting pot of ideas, thoughts, and inspiration. There is no harm in saying, “I saw this on Pinterest…” because I know you did. Per the site, so did 385 other people.

Anything I can do, you can probably do better… but don’t forget to give a shout out to the person whose blood, sweat, and tears went into showing you how.

And if you are just supernaturally creative– I envy you. I hope to tap into my inner “artist” some day.

It has to be in there… right?

Thanks for reading xo


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